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General Contractor in Denver, CO

Your Complete Contracting Solution

Whether you are looking for a commercial building, restaurant or hospitality TI, Corporate interior, new retail, or a custom home build, you need a professional and experienced general contractor that will make the entire process turn key. As a general contractor we offer budget and construction expertise. Our Forte is planning, managing and creating the right expectations for your project and team. If you are searching for a contractor in Denver, CO, or any other nearby area, Milo Construction has been a go to solution for commercial and residential owners for 19+ years.

Our company has been in business for over 19 years, and we specialize in consulting, pre-construction, design-assist, historic renovation, historic restoration, and commercial builders’ construction. We are also experts in value engineering, design management, and pre-design project review.

New Construction & Renovations

At Milo Construction, we are able to handle projects ranging from major renovations to brand-new buildings. Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who consider every project they are working on, a partnership. Each of our clients is a member of our team too, and our primary goal is to build satisfactory and long-lasting relationships with them. We consider any idea, concept, and design, and we ensure that they align with budget expectations and become reality.

Start-to-Finish Service

A general contractor is a professional who coordinates and executes construction projects. It is a construction manager that is responsible for the daily oversight of the construction site, management of subcontractors and vendors, and communication with all the parties involved in a project.

Milo Construction is a general contractor that serves the Denver, CO area and has the following responsibilities:

  • Designing and managing the construction schedule
  • Hiring subcontractors and managing their work
  • Contracting suppliers and vendors
  • Staying up to date on construction code and licensing
  • Creating a safe work environment for tradesmen and staff
  • Aligning the budget with ongoing construction activities

There are numerous benefits of working with a general contractor, including the following:

  • Less stress for you. If you hire a general contractor, you do not have to worry about implementing and managing your project because a contractor will take the responsibility for its completion. Whether it is ensuring that the building materials arrive on time, applying and receiving the necessary building permits, or any other building related tasks, they are handled by an experienced and qualified team of professionals.
  • It is fast and convenient. You do not have to talk to numerous firms, companies, subcontractors, and other parties on a daily basis. Instead, a general contractor will coordinate the activities on site and hold the vendors and subcontractors accountable for their work.
  • There is less risk for you. Working with a single contractor that has liability insurance and deep experience is much safer than trying to manage, negotiate, and communicate with numerous subcontractors on your own.

Commercial Construction

Milo Construction is considered a premier commercial construction builder in Denver, CO, and other nearby areas. We are proud of the contributions we have made to our business community and are looking forward to future opportunities and new commercial projects. Our mission is to support companies in our area and help them grow.

Our engagement is a partnership. We work with our commercial clients by constructing designs and making their visions their reality. The main goals of Milo Construction are the delivery of our build out on time and client satisfaction with every result. Our specialists always pay attention to detail, and we do not consider a project complete until the client is satisfied with our finished product.

Residential Construction

When it comes to residential construction, there is no other company like Milo Construction. We are capable of handling any type of residential project, and we have worked with hundreds of residential clients before. Our primary mission is to help homeowners realize and see the beauty of their properties.

One of our main focuses in residential construction is complex remodeling and renovation. Regardless of the type and size of your home, we help breathe new life into your living space. We are also ready to help with your existing design or help you build a dream team. We are ready to offer our expertise in building projects to make the design process efficient and straightforward. Our goal is to make sure the alignment of budget, design and constructability are always thought about holistically. For a successful project a general contractor needs to be involved early in the design phase.

Our team here at Milo Construction sees every project as an opportunity to add value to your property and the community. If you have a historic property that you would like to restore and renovate, you can count on Milo Construction. Both Commercial and residential historic properties add character and value to neighborhoods and historic districts. We approach historic architecture by understanding the neighborhood context, landmark status or district where the property sits. When you hire Milo Construction, you are hiring a contractor that understands the complexities of existing structure and the value of working with what is already in place.

We have done enough work on old buildings to understand the value or working with what you have and still being able to retain the original character. Today’s energy codes and structural requirements are challenging when mixed with a 100-Year-old structure. We have always enjoyed this challenge. We want to preserve historic buildings, and their beauty, and pass them on to new generations.

Need a Contractor?

If you have a construction project to handle, it is always better to hire a professional who will help you. If you are building or renovating a property in Denver, CO, or any other nearby areas, Milo Construction is the company to contact. We have over 19 years of professional experience, and we work with both residential and commercial clients.

We consider every project as a partnership and every client as a member of our dedicated team. We do not just build or renovate – we enhance the beauty of the Colorado community.

Our company is a team of professionals who specialize in commercial remodeling, residential construction, restaurant custom renovations, tenant improvement, corporate interiors, Ground up Commercial and M.O.B., and historic renovations. Our mission is based on three principles: Honest budgets, realistic timelines and excellent customer service. The goal of Milo Construction is customer satisfaction that is achieved through repeat and referral business.

Are you ready to get your construction project started? Do you want to discuss the details and your ideas? Do not hesitate to contact us – one of our representatives is looking forward to talking to you.

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