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We chose Milo Construction to do the site cleanup for our property in Mountain Ridge after the Calwood fire in October completely destroyed our home. The entire Milo team whom we worked with, Pat Minniear, Mike Mortensen and Kris Robinson, were completely professional and competent. We chose Milo, in part, because Pat had lost his home to fire in Four Mile canyon several years ago, and he seemed very knowledgeable about doing our site cleanup. Everything went very smoothly, and Mike and his crew even sorted through some of the rubble and found a number of our personal items that had sentimental value to us. In retrospect, our entire project went from start to completion without a hiccup, which in my experience, is very unusual for any construction project. I would highly recommend the Milo Construction team, they were a pleasure to work with.
Larry Beard
Pat walked the site with me before negotiations of the lease began. He pointed to issues, pros and cons, and time and rough budget. His expertise and willingness to assist me, even before I signed the lease proved invaluable. I continued to utilize Pat and his team during the lease negotiation. The process became more of a partnership than a transaction. They helped me with decisions, cost saving ideas, architecture plans, permit process, etc. They answered every question and concern with patience. I appreciated the process. I told them I was taking the project out to bid, and they continued to answer my questions and assist me. When the lease was signed, I made my decision to hire Milo because of the people and their process. Working with Will and the teams was fun. Will returned my calls no matter what time of the day. I appreciated the help, the jokes, the effort to complete the job on time so I could open. I continue to refer them to others who need tenet finish because they do what they say with awesome attitudes and professionalism. Thank you Pat, Will Mark and the rest of the crew at Milo!!
John Keller
I Love Kickboxing – Longmont
The work done thus far was high quality and completed on time and within or under budget. I especially appreciate the effort Milo puts in on the front end, using design-build principles in partnership with the architect to understand our needs and suggest cost and time inefficiencies. The regulations for schools are complex; Pat Minniear and his team were a great help in designing a school that met those regulations without breaking our budget. These projects were funded in part by public sector dollars. Milo Construction responded diligently to the extra compliance monitoring and paperwork requests that come with such funding…I am very pleased to offer the highest possible recommendation for Milo Construction as an excellent general contractor that Boulder Day Nursery Association considers an indispensable partner in our work to expand our services.
Steve Callander
Executive Director of Boulder Day Nursery Association
Milo Construction recently completed a second commercial tenant improvement for my franchise and I am again very pleased by the outcome. […] In addition to a high quality of service, and since they are design-build contractors, they are able to proactively and efficiently manage their projects by using open communication and effective coordination. Any time the architect or I had a question, or wanted to make a change to the initial plans, they were prompt in replying. […] Throughout the project the Milo team worked hard to keep my costs low, showcasing a mindset of working with their clients to achieve the best quality product within a proposed budget. I appreciate all the efforts Milo put in at the beginning of the project by collaborating with the architect in order to best understand my needs and create the most time and cost efficient plan. I would highly recommend Milo Construction. They exhibit professionalism and excellence throughout the entire team and I will definitely use them for future projects.
Matthew Selcke
Brain Balance – Longmont
It was a pleasure working with you and your team at Milo on the build out of our dining areas, bar and open kitchen at Zeal. Your group executed well and finished a space that we are very proud to use as a welcoming environment for our customers. We were pleased to have the project completed within both the scope’s budget and time frame and we were able to open our doors for business during the busy holiday season and welcome the crowds in who had been watching the space come to life over the three month period. The Milo team did a good job of managing the subcontractors to keep the project moving along with pace, and juggling the often clunky process of progressive inspections. We were glad to have you handling the process so that we could focus on the operational details of the restaurant. I look forward to working with Milo again in the future when Zeal is ready to expand!
Wayde Jester
Owner, Zeal – Food For Enthusiasts
[We] were extremely pleased with the speed with which you were able to schedule the repairs, your patience in answering our many questions at any time of day, and your flexibility and willingness to design a cost-effective solution with our structural engineer. We were also very impressed with your on-site team who were always on top of every development, provided us with daily updates, and took pride in making sure things got done right. The rest of the team your team was similarly competent, efficient and friendly. It was a pleasure having them around. All in all, we could not have asked for a better solution to our structural woes. I am happy to refer your company to anyone requiring construction work (and have already done so), and hope to deal with you again when we remodel or need other repairs in the future.
Mia Barcimanto
I want to extend my sincere thanks to you and your company for the outstanding work you completed on our home and property. Your entire team was professional, mindful, and friendly. Not only did Milo Construction perform the necessary work to thoroughly correct the problems, it was accomplished in a manner that made me feel confident in the results. Milo Construction also re-landscaped the property, so no evidence of the former drainage problem is visible. I highly recommend Milo Construction and look forward to engaging your company in
Holly Pritchard
They are conscious of their client’s needs and budget. Their knowledge in the field provides for an organized project. With any major construction or remodel, it’s likely there are unforeseen issues; however with Milo Construction in charge, you can rest in the knowledge that any issue that arises will be met with experience and expertise.
James Dixon
TEBO Properties
We swore that if we ever got to build our own office, we’d do it right and we’d hire people to build it that actually knew what they were doing. Not to get too mushy here, but you guys were just awesome. I know it was particularly challenging to get our funding/costs straightened out at the start of the project, but you stuck with it and turned me over to your exceptionally competent team. Our office is amazing and we look forward to working with you in the next year or two to finish the interior of the second unit…We are so fortunate to have been able to work with you and your company.
Dr. Brian Abert
O.D., FAAO, Vista Eye Care, Thornton CO
We had a very positive experience working with the folks at Milo. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. They have such extensive experience that they were able to help us find solutions that saved us money in the long run. We really appreciated that they communicated with us all along the way, letting us know if they ran across any unexpected issues. Our job was done on time and within budget thanks to the professionals at Milo. I wholeheartedly recommend Milo Construction for any project.
Suzanne Crawford
CEO of Sister Carmen Community Center
Milo owner Pat Minniear and his project managers and superintendents/carpenters did very good work throughout the process, and a very reasonable overall cost. Compliance with historic preservation construction standards and procedures, always critical on a project like the Hannah Barker House and for an owner like Historic Boulder Inc., was excellent. Historic Boulder and I are happy to recommend Milo Construction and Pat Minniear and his skilled team for any similar project.
Thomas W. Thorpe
Hannah Barker House, Boulder CO
Please be advised that I recommend the Milo Construction Company as a worthy contractor. They were the contractors for the Rehabilitation of the Lyons Redstone Museum…The work was done in a timely manner, as we were pressed with time due to a deadline on a grant from the State Historical Fund. Milo Construction were honest and honorable about the job.
LaVern M. Johnson
President – Lyons Redstone Museum
I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work. The place turned out great, and ended up being one of our best locations yet. Milo did a great job building our restaurant and we were more than pleased with the final outcome. I look forward to the possibility of working with Milo in the future.
Blair Ramsing
Director of Pub Construction, Growler USA
Milo Construction is a great company, their workmanship is excellent. Fantastic communication through out the project and a friendly team to work with. Fixed any issues after the completion of work in a timely manner. Highly recommend for any construction needs whether it is for a business or for home.
Kathleen Oliver
Spire Global Inc.
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