Non-Profit Construction

Are you a non-profit planning a new building? There are some important early steps you should be taking to make sure your project is a success by Patrick Minniear, President, Milo Construction Company Non-profit organizations — including churches, affordable living multifamily residences, donation facilities, foundation offices and sponsored projects — that are considering designing and […]

FAQ for a Commercial Contractor

There is a lot to think about before hiring a commercial contractor for your project. Although this process isn’t often an easy one, learning the answers to a few frequently asked questions of the commercial contractors in Denver will help you decide who to turn to for your commercial project. Review these commonly asked questions […]

Is Construction Consulting an Important Step for My Project?

Are you considering construction consulting in Denver but aren’t sure where to start? A construction consultant is your expert in the field when it comes to your construction project. These professionals take on a host of responsibilities on any given construction site depending on your needs and their expertise. Sometimes they’re your construction managers, sometimes […]

When is it Necessary to Contact a Commercial Builder(5019)?

We live in a world of do it yourself projects, where any YouTube video seems to be the key between you and the new backyard or kitchen you want. But, pros are the pros for a reason. While there are some smaller jobs you can tackle yourself, there are jobs you should seek professional assistance […]

When to Hire a Commerical Builder in Denver.

Commercial builders in Denver, CO are ready to help you with any commercial project you have in mind. From time management to budget, turnkey construction services are available for any sized client, including commercial and retail properties, restaurants and franchises, and preservation work for developers and historic locations. No matter the project type, your needs […]