Questions to Ask During Construction Consulting in Denver

When you have a construction project ahead, you need to have trust and faith in every detail. You want a reliable team of contractors, a consultant with an excellent vision that matches your own, and a timeline for the way you want your project to play out. From residential to commercial, every project will have […]

What to Look for in a Professional Restoration Company

  In a state as historically rich as Colorado, a huge field within the construction industry is restoration. Many of the most popular, stunning, memorable historical landmarks that Colorado hosts have been restored throughout the years, and it is a service that will always be in demand. At Milo Construction, we’ve dealt with many tricky […]

Professional Restoration vs DIY

There is a certain level of satisfaction that comes from DIY renovation projects. It feels good to complete a task with your own hands without having to shell out extra cash for a professional, but it’s also important that you know where the line is drawn between your ability to complete a restoration project and […]

Commercial Construction Companies in Denver

How to Find the Right Fit for You Commercial construction is a whole world full of planning, designing, paperwork, and decision-making. Leading a development project is a big responsibility, especially if you’re left in charge of finding the best construction crew to complete the creation of your location. This is where it all begins, so […]