Professional Restoration vs DIY

There is a certain level of satisfaction that comes from DIY renovation projects. It feels good to complete a task with your own hands without having to shell out extra cash for a professional, but it’s also important that you know where the line is drawn between your ability to complete a restoration project and the risk of creating more damage. If you’re trying to learn when DIY is a good idea and when you need to make a call to a professional, this checklist can help.

Professional Restoration

Is DIY Restoration A Good Choice?

Professional restoration experts have often had to deal with problems that were made worse by inexperienced tinkering. While the effort is admirable, you don’t want to fall victim to this common mistake that is made by many DIY fans.

Compare Cost & Time

Sometimes, a professional can actually be more affordable than tackling the project on your own. Add up the cost for materials and factor in the amount of time it will take you to do the restoration job. If a professional can get it done quicker for cheaper, or even for the same value, it’s a no-brainer on the choice you should be making here!

Put Your Safety First

Never put yourself in charge of a project that is a threat to your health or safety. Dealing with major projects that involve gas lines, electrical equipment or rewiring, or even just high places could end disastrously. Avoid dangerous areas for DIY projects, and enlist the help of a professional. They are trained to handle the hazardous conditions and have the tools for protection that they need.

Ensure The Protection Of Your Property

How likely are the chances you create more damages during the DIY restoration? The risk to your property should be valued just like the personal threat to your safety. Don’t jeopardize your restoration project. Sometimes a great compromise is to get a quote or consultation from a professional to help identify the more risky aspects of the job, and then determined based on their information if it’s something you feel confident in attempting.

Consider Your Personal Skills

If you’re putting yourself up to the task of restoring large areas of a home, such as a roof, bathroom, or other common tasks, really take the time to consider your ability to complete it. How much experience do you have with the requirements for completion? While nearly anyone can repaint a room or install a new faucet, restoration projects can often get much bigger than those small little adjustments in a home. Access the size, difficulty level, and your skill set to determine if it’s really something you want to get your hands on.

When To Hire A Professional

Plumbing tasks, potentially hazardous projects such as involving gas lines or major equipment, and restoration needs where you lack experience should be completed by a professional. You don’t want to cause further damage and run the risk of ruining the thing you’re trying to restore, or have to pay more money for more repairs due to your own mistakes. Professional restoration in Denver is an important part of maintaining the historic integrity of the city.


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