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Boulder Depot

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Client: 3001 Pearl, LLC
Location: Boulder, CO
Surface Area:: 6,000 square feet
Completed Date: 2016
Architect: SEH
Historic remodel and renovation of the entire Historic train depot from downtown Boulder. This structure was moved to the site where it sits now by the City of Boulder as an anchor landmark for the new Depot Square development and transit stations. Placed ona 3’ wide foundation wall, the engineers were worried that the existing structure weight was too much for the foundation so they backfilled it to the top foo foundation wall. This structure had been placed carefully but it had suffered a lot of damage to the 2’ wide stone exterior and arches, window openings and walls were severely cracked and some areas had fallen down completely. We rebuilt the stone walls where necessary and carefully reconstructed the arches and window openings. There were no doors or windows on the structure, the roof was reframed but not conforming to the original historic structure. Milo was able to rebuild the cupola on the ground and crane it into place after we had painstakingly reframed the curved roofline and rebuilt the historic integrated gutters. Once the roof and masonry had been stabilized we rebuilt the original porte cochere to match the historic photos. The entire exterior was repointed with Rope joints and all windows and doors were built to match the historic photos of the building. All exterior materials were scribed to fit the stone structure. We integrated the utilities into the new development and Excavated out the entire area below grade to make room for a new restaurant tenant.
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