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Hannah Barker House

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Client: Historic Boulder, Inc
Location: Boulder, CO
Surface Area: 2,800 square feet
Completion Date: 2015
Architect: Anderson Hallas Architects, PC
Working with the non profit Group Historic Boulder, Milo was able to phase the project and help the non profit obtain funding with the State Historic Fund. Working within the restraints of the State grant, we broke the project into multiple phases of construction. The initial phase was managed by Milo but directly contracted with Hayward Baker to do a grout stabilization of the foundation. Excavation of the structure posed too much danger to the integrity of the building. THere were large parts of the building that had broken away from the main structure that had to be stabilized, repointed and re attached to the main masonry structure. Once the building was stable, the roof and floors were rebuilt to current code and sistered to handle the snow loads Exterior soffits and cupolas were reconstructed and new openings were installed where missing. the entire masonry exterior was repointed and mortar was matched in composition and color to the original.
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