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Lafayette Tech Center

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Client: 1700 Coal Creek, LLC
Location: Lafayette, CO
Surface Area:: 26,028 square feet
Completed: 2017
Architect: Daedalus Studio
Ground up industrial flex building, and development of the adjacent site for sale. Unique exterior for an industrial building that attracted tenants that were outside of the usual manufacturing or warehouse groups. Installation of new wet and dry utilities, stubbed utilities to the adjacent site. Moderately expansive soils challenged the owner for years with the potential design. Once we were able to rework the structural design to use standard spread footers and moisture conditioning and recompaction of the expansive soils over the entire site, it allowed the project to finally move forward. Steel frame with metal stud infill project had to meet the design requirements of the City of Lafayette and redefine the standard industrial flex building type for the clients within the Lafayette Tech center park.
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