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Roadhouse Restaurant

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Client: Dionysus Hospitality, LLC
Location: Boulder, CO
Surface Area: 6,000 square feet
Completed: 2015
Architect: Bray Architecture, Inc
Milo had been hired to the restoration of the 1800’s train depot building in Boulder by the developer creating the new Depot Square project for the city of Boulder. While negotiating the restoration of this amazing 2’ deep stone wall structure, we were approached by a visionary user to create a new location for his Vibe Hospitality brand. Installation of a 249 patron restaurant from historic core and shell condition (6,100 square feet) required that we fully excavate out a basement for more seating, elevator, and all infrastructure. The requirements of the city were such that NONE of these elements could be placed ON the building. We installed a Complex VRF system to heat and cool the building but also take care all of the restaurant refrigeration. This two-level structure accommodates the grease waste system, hot water, heat and cooling and all of the monitoring systems for the building. There are two kitchens for prep and show, two bars and 249 seats. We created an outdoor seating area that has a glass patio enclosure as required by the city and landmarks. the interior has hand painted murals that mimic train cars and authentic photos of the original buildings and its history. All of the interior upholstery is custom.
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