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St. Mary Magdalene

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Client: Harmonist
Location: Denver, CO
Surface Area: 9,895 SF Add SF
Completion Date: 2021
Milo was approached by the congregation of the church to assist in the redevelopment and repurposing of the exterior courtyard, Removal and replacement of the entire building exterior, Replacement of all windows and exterior doors and finally all of the hardscapes and drainage around this beautiful building. Originally designed as a Taos style adobe structure, the Colorado elements had not been kind to the exterior finishes, wood windows or the need for proper drainage. Milo has extensive experience working with Committees and groups dedicated to the preservation of their buildings. Oftentimes this adds to the complexity of decision making but Milo has the experience necessary to plan for these details. Milo self performed a lot of the exterior drainage and hardscape work that allowed the congregation to better utilize the exterior courtyard for outdoor activities and gatherings. The window replacement modernized the window type while maintaining the original character of the building. Once the windows had been fully replaced, Milo was able to remove and replace any of the damaged stucco exterior and complete renovation of the hard coat surface.
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