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Whole Sol

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Client: Whole Sol
Location: Union Station, Denver 29th St. Mall, Boulder Sloan’s Lake, Denver
Surface Area:: 950 square feet
Completed: 2018,2019,2020
Architect: Branch Architecture
Milo was hired to help finalize the design and construct the first location for this fast growing franchise on LODO. Once the Team had gotten their first location up and running they moved quickly into expansion and turned to Milo Construction for more locations. Milo assisted in reviewing locations before lease signing and reviewed the current sites for conflicts to the proposed design. Milo worked on the second location and during that time moved into their 3rd and 4th locations around the Denver Metro area. Working with these Savvy entrepreneurs, we were able to assist in the development of their franchise plan and worked on a forward looking plan to develop a repeatable and consistent process for our client to use in their eventual expansion. With any multi- site effort, the plan is to utilize the design concepts to create a familiarity between locations but not create a simple cookie cutter design. Finding economies of scale when timelines are not cooperating is difficult for multi site owners. When Milo becomes involved early in location design, it makes the entire process of procurement and scheduling for these Multi- Site restaurant owners much more efficient and enjoyable. Working with this team is a fantastic and dynamic experience
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