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Pre Construction Services in Boulder, CO




Make upfront decisions with confidence.

Your project’s success is likely determined before you ever break ground or tilt up the first wall. Spending a small amount of time to anticipate and resolve issues prior to finalizing construction documents can result in big bottom-line savings for your project down the road. That’s why we believe pre-construction consulting is an essential step in every Milo Construction job. Even before your project goes out to bid, we work with architects and engineers to:
  • Complete a constructability review
  • Provide early conceptual time and budget estimates
  • Assess the financial, environmental and aesthetic impact of site conditions and material choices
  • Examine lead-time issues and identify subcontractors who can deliver on schedule and on budget
  • Prepare comprehensive Scopes for subcontractors and suppliers
  • Screen design development drawings and assumptions with engineers, subcontractors and other vendors
  • Identify cost contingencies and ways to minimize budgets
  • Deliver a comprehensive scope of work that’s in line with your goals and budget

By completing these steps in a thoughtful and precise manner, we build a strong team that can deliver an end result surpassing all expectations.

They are conscious of their client’s needs and budget. Their knowledge in the field provides for an organized project. With any major construction or remodel, it’s likely there are unforeseen issues; however with Milo Construction in charge, you can rest in the knowledge that any issue that arises will be met with experience and expertise.

–James Dixon, TEBO Properties

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