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Top reasons to go with commercial construction in Denver

The economic and population growth in the past decade has created quite a large demand for commercial construction contractors, both big and small. In a saturated industry, deciding which contractor to award a commercial construction project may seem tricky, but entirely possible.

5 Reasons To Hire Milo Construction

If you’re trying to decide if you should go with commercial construction in the Denver area, here are the top reasons our clients continue to return to us at Milo Construction for more projects, more success, and more expansion. Entering this world of creation and progression takes dedication and passion, and those are the ideals we are built around.

1. Our Process

Our team approach is to be as involved in project development, schematic design and pre-construction activities from project inception. We feel that the only way to make a project successful is to look at the construction as a TEAM SPORT. Architects, owners and developers we have worked with will say that we work collaboratively and never want anything but what ultimately works for the customer. Our entire process revolves around engaging with the customer and the creative team well before time and money is spent with subconsultants, so we know that we are tracking toward a budget goal and not redesigning a project due to a budget bust no one saw coming.

We feel it is our responsibility as a team member to integrate into the process of design and engineering in order to meet, exceed or clarify expected budget and help guide the project to a predictable outcome. It is imperative that all players on the team understand the impact of decisions based on civil, structural and code restraints well before the design is complete.

Funding projects takes time and it requires flexibility. Here at Milo we strive to create a team environment that focuses on the fact that construction must be a rigid process ONLY when we have made the right choices and know how to get over the finish line. Up to the point of Final Construction documents, the team must focus on preserving the intent of the design as it is directly compared to the budget and funding requirements.

The process of building a project should also be enjoyable. We choose projects and teams carefully so we can enjoy the process of getting to move in day. Construction is a long process and involves hundreds of hours of discussion, preparation, maximum effort and attention to detail. If we choose who we work with wisely, this can be a very enjoyable process.

2. Our Team

With a growing team of impressive experts in the field, each with unique experience and history in construction as a whole, you can get a promise of fully rounded service hosted with great customer service and dedication. The many positive testimonials you can browse on our site mentions several of our staff members by name, and we are all a proud family at Milo Construction. Our core values place a high emphasis on ownership and cooperation, and we all play an important role in organization. This creates a great working environment that makes our services possible.

3. Our Services

Of course, our main area of interest that potential partners find most important is the various services we offer as a commercial construction company in Denver. The areas of expertise we offer are:

  • Pre-Construction Consulting & Planning
  • Design Assist
  • Ground-up Projects
  • Commercial Additions and Tenant Finishes
  • Historic Renovation & Restoration
4. Our Experience

As a commercial construction contracting company, we have been providing the Denver/Front Range area with our services and passionate work for over 20 years and counting! Our full-fledged collection of services, as mentioned above, and our winning team of warm-hearted professionals have allowed us to go from a very small company to one of the leading names of the region.

5. Our Mission

Every construction partnership is one we take seriously. At Milo Construction, we operate with a specific set of morals and habits. We aim to practice the same mindset with every client, project, and partnership. Our mission focuses on these areas to provide excellent service without fail:

  • Customer First
  • Take Ownership
  • Budget Awareness
  • Timely Responses
  • Flexibility
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