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What are Design Build and Design Assist Services?

Construction of any building or location is an extremely difficult task. Not only do you have your construction crew, but you need architects and designers, safety experts, property managers, and so much more behind the scenes work and people to successfully get the job done. Mixed in with all of that are the design build crew, services, and abilities they can lend a construction job.

Not sure what design build means, or what it can do for you, or if it’s an affordable service you should consider investing in? No problem. All of your questions will be answered!

The Design Build Q&A Session

From covering the basics of what design build and assist services are to what they can do for you, this FAQ guide will walk you through the importance of these services and the major role they play in the construction world. Simplifying is everything when you’re looking at big projects, and design build is one of the easiest ways to complete a complicated build and keep it looking great through maintenance and restoration.

What Is Design Build?

Put as simply as possible, design build references the way that a build is delivered and completed. It’s different from the traditional method, where the manager of the project works with several independent companies and contractors to get the job done. With a design build delivery method, you (or the property manager for this build) work with one, single company to get the entire job done.

The designers and the construction workers are held together in one cooperative contract, and they work together on the build in tandem, leaving less mediation and difficulty to the owner of the project. You can often see a much more cohesive unit with design build delivery methods.

What All Can Design Build Services Do For You?

For most projects, design build methods offer the great benefits of:

  • Faster project completion time
  • Less paperwork
  • One, simple contract
  • Less fees and expenses to budget for
  • Innovative decisions and opportunities

Build design is a method of the future, and it’s becoming more and more popular as more construction agencies, contractors, and companies are partnering with designers and teams dedicated to making this collaborative environment thrive.

What Is Design Assist?

Unlike design build, this form of service is a management enhancement option. It was created to help organize and progress a very specific skill set, or a job with many different layers and expectations. It can include budgeting, delegating, deadlines, and contractor management.

In other words, design assist is a way to keep everything streamlined, working in a functional manner, and provides extra security to your project by giving you a better handle and scope of control on everything going on related to the construction build.

What All Can Design Assist Services Do For You?

While it may sound like design assist services are just another desperate grab at money by the construction industry, there are several incredible benefits that come from utilizing these services, including:

  • Easier subcontract management
  • Less conflict
  • Quicker results
  • Improved budgeting
  • Design efficiency improvements

Better working environment for your contractors

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