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What are Pre Construction Services and How They Can Streamline Your Commercial Build?

How to Find the Right Fit for You

When you come to the decision that you are going to construct a building or sign a lease for your commercial business, you may want to speed the process along without having to do every single step on your own. When you find yourself in the this situation you may want to consider pre construction services, so that you can focus on moving your business forward while the rest of the process gets done in the background!

Everyone wants to get their show on the road when it comes to their business, but you never want to take shortcuts, hire consultants without understanding the scope or process they provide; quality over quantity any day! Hiring a general contractor for pre construction service simply fast-tracks the entire process and minimizes budget setbacks BEFORE you commit to your dream. Pre construction services are provided to ensure that when you start construction, you KNOW what you are getting into and the work to reduce surprises has been completed BEFORE you finance your expansion.

How It All Works

Pre construction service is consultation with construction and design professionals that gets used before any of your construction work physically starts. It’s basically all of the preparation, planning, and stages before you actually start building. You definitely don’t want to begin paying for any construction without thinking all the details through first!

When you go with a general contractor for pre construction service, not only are you ensuring that things get done at a reasonable pace and productive rate, but you also gain that peace of mind that everything will go smoothly, due to the thoroughly detailed planning completed by your pre construction team. The key is to find someone who collaborates the design, brokerage and ownership team to bring the project to life and keep the entire design and procurement process on track for your organization.

During the pre construction phase of building, you and your General Contractor will go over the large and small details of your commercial project, so that you can hammer out all of the city and design issues and potential budget killers. It is extremely important to understand and implement all of the necessary steps in order to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want out of your commercial construction project. After all, it will have your name and business all over it, so why wouldn’t you want it to be as close to perfect, on budget and on time as possible?

What Happens During Pre Construction

With enough time to review the desired delivery date, budget constraints, proposed locations or current design, General Contractors can respond to the client with the actual costs from subcontractors and suppliers, a firm budget or cost is then established, and the goals of the project are set.

If this cost is in line or out of line with the budget of the client, it is only through a collaboration that the team can achieve the budgetary goal. If the design or procurement of the location is continuing without the input of the general contractor, the client is always at risk of overspending of creating gaps in scope for the desired project outcome.

Our job in pre-construction is to use the Schematic, Design-Development and Final Construction Document budgets as milestones for the consultant group. This allows the general contractor to check the design stages against the client’s expectations of budget and timeline. Too many times General Contractors are handed designs that far outstrip the client’s budget or expectations of timeline. If you involve someone who can accurately depict construction costs and potential issues related to the building of your location Before you finish your design, you can keep the process of moving your business in line with your expectations.

In conclusion, you definitely want to make sure you read up on potential pre construction services and who may provide them, before you finalize your plans and engineering or begin any of your actual construction work. You might find a general contractor who offers these services, or you might have to go through a smaller agency who provides pre construction consulting. Either way, this is one of the most, if not the most, overlooked yet important components of constructing any commercial building project!

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