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What Do General Contractors Do?

There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to construction and remodeling projects. You probably see a lot of jargon terms flying around: contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and other moving parts of the labor force that gets your job done. If you’ve decided on a project, whether it’s a remodel somewhere inside your home or a renovation of your landscaping, you need to know where exactly to start in the process. A general contractor is where you do that.

Construction and remodeling projects take time, they take meetings and plannings, they take budgets and materials, and a lot more. You’re not expected to understand it all, let alone be able to be in charge of overseeing it. You’re paying for the remodel but it’s not your job to oversee the site. That job belongs to a general contractor who will take care of project logistics and hiring of additional labor to get your project done.

What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is the someone responsible for overseeing the construction project. For your purposes, this is the person with whom you’re going to sign a contract for the job. This is the person you’re hiring to do the job and they’re hired directly by the property owner or party responsible for requesting the project. Your questions and concerns will be directed to the general contractor and they’ll be your point of contact throughout the project.

Other Laborers on a Job

The contractor has the job of hiring out to help them complete a project. While a single contractor can handle small repair jobs, if you’re redoing landscaping, building anything, or remodeling a large enough portion of your dwelling, the general contractor will get the bodies necessary to get the job done. They hire out subcontractors, who, in turn, may hire out their own subs. This team, put together through subcontractors, make up the labor force that will get your job done.

What is the General Contractor’s Responsibilities?

The general contractor is, on paper, the one you’ve hired for the job. Their name or business name is going to be what’s on the finished project. They may be architects or engineers, but it behooves them to make sure the job is done correctly and well. To that end, they’re in charge of following project documents and proposals, monitoring use of budget, finding labor, communicating with you regularly, and assisting in any snags during the project. They work directly for you.

Where to Hire a Contractor

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