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What Goes in to historically renovating a building in Colorado

In the great state of Colorado, especially in the big-name cities such as Boulder and Denver, there are a LOT of historical buildings that have been successfully preserved. It is a delicate, somewhat complicated process to renovate a building anywhere that has been deemed of historical significance or made into a landmark locally or nationally. Just imagine all of the extra care and caution these renovators have to take in order to keep things as untouched, yet restored as humanly possible! The organizations that govern and regulate the renovation and repair of these structures like Historic Boulder, Historic Denver and the State Historic Fund all have specific criteria for the selection of the General Contractors and the standards of construction necessary to preserve the era identified.

In Denver, there are TONS of historic buildings, such as Historic Denver itself! Of course, things become dilapidated and fade over time, but with historical construction and renovation, it’s possible to keep these beautifully historic buildings looking like they did decades ago, when they were first built. Due to the frequently low temperatures and snowstorms in the state of Colorado, any buildings, especially older ones, are at risk for internal and external electrical issues, physical weather damage to the outside of the building, and of course, the plumbing and pipes. Important things to remember when doing any repair work on a potentially historic home or building are the standards of replacement and repair required by the city, neighborhood or street you live or work on

How Restoration Happens

Typically, there are many steps in the restoration game, and utilizing some or all of these can prevent any potential (and very possible) damage to the structure or its historic elements. You have to assemble a team to help you with your project; you have to do tons of research to determine what point of history it may be holding within its walls; ensure that you remain well within your city or county’s regulations in regards to renovation (especially when it comes to historic districts, landmark designations and required standards of renovation/repair of these wonderful buildings) and, possibly most importantly you need a team that is focused on the preservation of the heritage this building represents in a neighborhood or district.

After Renovation – Boulder Depot

When hiring and assembling your team for your historical renovation in Colorado, you don’t want just anyone assisting you in your renovation project. You will want a company that really knows their renovation standards, has the experience working with organizations like Historic Boulder, Historic Denver and a building team that has the patience, care, and know-how to be able to accomplish such a delicate, intricate task such as renovating a historic building. Understanding that the renovation of a structure can sometimes entail custom fabrication of moldings, windows trim, doors, stonework or even glass. These standards can be different for renovation, addition, repair, interior or even an interior remodel. It will take tons of patience and TLC in order to restore it back to its glory days!

Special Actions

Believe it or not, if the historic building you plan on renovating is a preserved landmark of the city, you must acquire certain types of special permits in order to gain any permissions to do this type of renovation. There are restrictions put into place to avoid damaging or changing the character and history of the property, and the residents closest to this piece of history will not want to change anything about it at all. There are incentives from the city or town to help with these repairs or structural work. It is wise to inquire about the potential funding available from the state or local preservation groups. You never know what might be significant about our building and its valued history.

In conclusion, renovating a historic home does NOT have to be a tedious, daunting task– you can make it into something truly fun and rewarding if it’s done correctly and you work with the right team.

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