What Goes in to historically renovating a building in Colorado

In the great state of Colorado, especially in the big-name cities such as Boulder and Denver, there are a LOT of historical buildings that have been successfully preserved. It is a delicate, somewhat complicated process to renovate a building anywhere that has been deemed historical. Just imagine all of the extra care and caution these renovators have to take in order to keep things as untouched, yet restored as humanly possible!

In Denver, there are TONS of historic buildings, such as Historic Denver itself! Of course, things become dilapidated and fade over time, but with historical construction and renovation, it’s possible to keep these beautifully historic buildings looking like they did decades ago, when they were first built. Due to the frequently low temperatures and snow storms in the state of Colorado, any buildings, especially older ones, are at risk for internal and external electrical issues, physical weather damage to the outside of the building, and of course, the plumbing and pipes. It is important to follow any necessary protocols in order to avoid weather and temperature damage to your structure!

How Restoration Happens