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What types of jobs do commercial builders handle?

Commercial builders in Denver deal with many types of construction projects. Contrary to regular home construction, commercial building requires a little more attention and detail since it is for a business that will be visited far more often than a home. Since this is true, you may be curious as to what exactly it is that commercial builders do. Today, we will be getting into a bit more detail as to what their main goals are during a project, and what the process is to complete that project.

Basics of What They Do

Commercial builders are in the line of construction, but they specialize in building commercial buildings, such as small businesses, schools, courthouses, police stations, restaurants, and basically any structure that does business of any kind.

Depending on their skill level, a commercial builder is either overseeing or participating in the construction job, or they may be a project manager. It really just depends on their education and experience to determine which job they do.

The Process

There are six basic stages of the commercial construction process, just like any other project of its nature. They are:

Clearing the Site

This step basically covers all demolition and cleanup required to prepare the site for construction. It’s usually the quickest and often easiest step during the process.

Creating a Base

During this stage, any concrete slab or base to the impending structure is laid out and completed to perfection. Depending on the size of the project, this step is also done fairly quickly, too.

Framing and Protecting

Also known as the frame or lockup stage, this third step involves framing the structure, installing windows and doors, and even beginning the early stages of plumbing and cabinetry. You’ll want to lock up your structure during this stage to avoid vandalism or any damage to the inside of the building.

Fit-Outs & Fixes

While this is one of the more time consuming stages to go through, it is easily one of the most important. This is where your electric and plumbing work all gets done and is tested thoroughly to ensure everything is in proper working order. The construction team will also make any repairs or minor “fixes” here and there as needed, if the need even exists.


The final step of commercial construction is the completion of the project. You will pay the last bit of your payment plan, an inspector will come and check things out to ensure everything works properly, and you can add any decorations or special touches to your business. Painting, decorating, carpeting and other things of that nature are generally done within this stage.

There you have it– all of the basic jobs that are part of being a commercial builder. Now, some things may vary here and there depending on the type of building, if there are multiple stories, or if the structure is a complicated shape, but generally, this is what happens during the construction of a commercial business.

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