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FAQ for a Commercial Contractor

There is a lot to think about before hiring a commercial contractor for your project. Although this process isn’t often an easy one, learning the answers to a few frequently asked questions of the commercial contractors in Denver will help you decide who to turn to for your commercial project. Review these commonly asked questions before you start working with commercial contractors.

What’s your business history?

Being knowledgeable about the contractor’s past projects and work history will help you identify whether they are a trustworthy business that follows good business practices. This can also give you insight into whether the business owners or project managers have a history of completing projects on time, managing projects well, and seek to foster trust within their community.

Be sure to contact the management team or business owner directly to discuss key information regarding their business practices, paperwork involved, and the full range of services offered. Choosing a commercial construction company with over 16 years of experience in reliable work and service is a good start.

What’s your previous experience?

Significant previous experience with your type of project will give you peace of mind that your project will get done correctly and efficiently. Ask for references from previous clients to ensure that your commercial contractor can fulfill all of your construction needs. Some contractors may have specialty experience, such as working with large-scale commercial building projects, which could aid you in determining whether their experiences align with your needs.

Look for commercial contractors in Denver who are knowledgeable about the following aspects of construction:

  • Pre-construction consulting
  • Designing/building
  • Commercial construction basics
  • Historic renovation

These skills allow for a well-rounded commercial contractor to complete your project in a timely manner.

Are you licensed for this project?

One key item that all commercial contractors in Denver must have is proper licensing. This ensures that the contractor you choose has the proper credentials and is legally able to assist you with your project. Check with the state to verify that your contractor is up-to-date on all licensing and insurances. This will guarantee top quality results and give you peace of mind throughout the construction process.

What is the timeline for the project?

At the end of the day, staying on task and communicating deadlines is important for completing your project on time. A trustworthy commercial contractor will have your back in this and be able to openly discuss deadlines, especially if there are any unforeseen setbacks. Pre-construction meetings with the construction management team will clearly display the project details and initial deadlines. Make sure you choose a contractor who responds quickly, acts in a professional manner, and is dedicated to using innovative ideas to get the job done.

Although there may be potential delays, your contractor will know how to tackle these issues with ease. If any problematic issues arise, they’ll know how to remain flexible and see your project to completion — no matter if it’s in the pre-design, design and construction management, or budgeting stages.

Find a GC with Non-Profit Experience

Needless to say, finding a general contractor who has worked with non-profit organizations before is critical to success. They will understand the nuances of the non-profit industry and provide strong leadership, viable solutions and confidence in knowing goals will be met. They can also provide additional buying-power when purchasing materials from vendors they’ve worked with in the past. You’ll be working with the GC you select for many months, so it’s critical that you understand their level of experience and how well they build and maintain positive relationships. Don’t just ask them these questions, ask the organizations they’ve worked for in the past.

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