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Zoe Ma Ma

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Client: Edwin Zoe
Location: Denver, CO
Surface Area: 3,200 square feet
Completion Date: 2015
Architect: Bray Architecture, Inc.
Installation of a small restaurant with commercial kitchen into a core and shell under a B occupancy. Fire protections for the new use included a new sprinkler system and 2Hr separation in ceiling. Integration with Leed Platinum mechanical systems and the connection to new grease ducting through 5 floors of upstairs office. New rooftop exhaust equipment and all refrigeration condensing also on the roof. Installation of new chase for the mechanical connections since the existing chase had been filled. New finishes throughout, ADA restrooms added and all new waste and water lines over the active parking garage. Increase of main service to 400 amps from 200 and the install of a large hood. New prep kitchen and main kitchen customer bar and all new seating.
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